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Kanda Tsushinki to fully buy Fukuoka telecommunications equipment firm for 6 mln yen

Kanda Tsushinki Co Ltd <1992.T>: Says it plans to fully buy Fukuoka-based firm, which is engaged in telecommunications equipment business, for 6 million yen(advisory fee included) .Says effective date on Oct. 21.

Kanda Tsushinki appoints Misaho Matsumaru as chariman

Kanda Tsushinki Co Ltd <1992.T>:Says it appointed Misaho Matsumaru as chairman, effective June 29.

KANDA TSUSHINKI amends consolidated full-year outlook for FY 2016

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD:Says the company amended the consolidated full-year outlook for the FY ended March 2016.Revenue forecast revised to 6,072 million yen from 6,691 million yen.Operating profit forecast revised to 260 million yen from 146 million yen.Ordinary profit forecast revised to 312 million yen from 168 million yen.Net profit forecast revised to 428 million yen from 309 million yen.Earnings per share revised to 53.41 yen from 38.53 yen.Comments that decreased sales revenue and expense reduction are the main reasons for the forecast.

KANDA TSUSHINKI expects extraordinary profit and loss for Q1 of FY 2016

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD:Says it expects an extraordinary profit of 391 mln yen recorded as gain on negative goodwill, and it expects an extraordinary loss of 195 mln yen recorded as gradual acquisition of shares, for Q1 of fiscal year ending March 2016.

KANDA TSUSHINKI cancels year-end dividend payment for FY 2015

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD:Cancels year-end dividend payment which was disclosed as 3 yen per share, for fiscal year ending March 2015.

KANDA TSUSHINKI to fully acquire Nissin Denshi

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD:To acquire 1,000 shares in Tokyo-based company Nissin Denshi, Co from Hitachi Kokusai Electric, at 46 mln yen on April 1.Nissin Denshi will acquire its own 3,000 shares from Hitachi Kokusai Electric.KANDA TSUSHINKI to hold 5,000 shares (100 pct voting power) in Nissin Denshi, up from 4,000 shares (50 pct voting power).

KANDA TSUSHINKI expects extraordinary loss and revises full-year consolidated outlook for FY 2014

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD:Sees extraordinary loss of 25 mln yen for settlement on product contract, for fiscal year ended March 31, 2014.Full-year consolidated outlook for revenue of 4,865 mln yen lowered from 4,968 mln yen, for fiscal year ended March 31, 2014.Full-year operating profit outlook of 156 mln yen raised from 74 mln yen.Full-year ordinary profit outlook of 184 mln yen raised from 90 mln yen.Full-year net profit outlook of 62 mln yen raised from 50 mln yen.Full-year earnings per share outlook of 7.73 yen raised from 6.23 yen.Profit outlook raised due to cost reduction.

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD Amends Consolidated Full-year Outlook for FY 2013

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD announced that it has lowered its consolidated full-year outlook for revenue from JPY 4,621 million to JPY 4,553 million, but raised the outlook for operating profit from JPY 28 million to JPY 49 million, ordinary profit from JPY 45 million to JPY 67 million, net profit from JPY 30 million to JPY 40 million and earning per share from JPY 3.79 to JPY 5.01, for the fiscal year ended March 2013. The Company raised the profit outlook due to the cost reduction, among others.

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD Announces Business Alliance with solx corporation

KANDA TSUSHINKI CO LTD announced that it has decided to form a business alliance with solx corporation, which is a Tokyo-based company engaged in the development and sale of lightning equipments. Through the business alliance, the two companies will collaborate in the operation of Helvar DALI dimmer system business. The business will start from September 1, 2012.

Kanda Tsushinki Co., Ltd. Lowers Consolidated Full-year Outlook and Cancels Year-end Dividend Payment Plan for FY Ended March 31, 2012

Kanda Tsushinki Co., Ltd. announced that it has lowered its consolidated full-year outlook for revenue from JPY 4,636 million to JPY 4,360 million, operating profit (loss) from JPY 29 million to JPY (144 million), ordinary profit (loss) from JPY 44 million to JPY (124 million), net profit (loss) from JPY 30 million to JPY (138 million) and earning per share (loss) from JPY 3.73 to JPY (17.01) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. This is due to the decreased private and public investments, decreased sale of construction, information system and real estate leasing businesses. The Company also resolved to cancel its year-end dividend of JPY 3.00 per share, for the same fiscal year.