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Cookpad unit to issue new shares to raise 4 bln yen

Aug 23 (Reuters) - Cookpad Inc <2193.T>:Says its unit CookpadTV Inc. will issue 105 shares to Mitsubishi Corp <<<8058.T>>>, at the price of 38.1 million yen per share, to raise 4 billion yen in total .Payment date on Aug. 27 .Says the co's stake in the unit will be decreased to 50.9 percent from 100 percent .

Cookpad to transfer cuisine video business to new unit

Feb 8 (Reuters) - Cookpad Inc <2193.T>:Says it will transfer cuisine video business to Tokyo-based wholly owned unit, which will be established on April 2 .Effective April 2 .

Cookpad to merge with unit Coach United

Nov 9(Reuters) - Cookpad Inc <2193.T>:Says it plans to merge with a 96.2 percent-owned unit Coach United Inc.Merger effective Jan. 1, 2018.Says the unit will be dissolved after the merger .

Cookpad to merge four wholly owned units

Cookpad Inc <2193.T> : Says it plans to merge its four wholly owned units which are mainly engaged in Internet and Media business, on May 1 .Says the four units will be dissolved after transaction.

Realworld says Cookpad Inc to transfer 10 pct stake in it to Daiwa Securities

Realworld Inc <3691.T>: Says Cookpad Inc will transfer 10.1 percent stake in it to Daiwa Securities on Feb. 22 .Says Cookpad Inc will hold 0 percent and Daiwa Securities will hold 10.1 percent stake in it after transfer.

Minnano Wedding says Cookpad Inc.<2193.T> cuts stake in it to 38.7 pct from 50.5 pct and cancels business and capital alliance with Cookpad

Minnano Wedding <3685.T>: Says Cookpad Inc.<2193.T> cut stake in it to 38.7 percent (30,470 voting rights) from 50.5 percent (39,775 voting rights) on Dec. 22 .Says it cancels the business and capital alliance formed with Cookpad Inc. on April 21.

Cookpad to sell unit at 1,040 mln yen

Cookpad Inc <2193.T>: Says it to sell its unit SELECTURE, inc that engaged in EC business of clothing, kitchen supplies, to Keio Department Store Co.,Ltd. . Says transaction price of 1,040 million yen .Says the change will effective on Oct. 7.

Cookpad plans sale of unit Selecture Inc for 1,040 mln yen

Cookpad Inc <2193.T> :Says it plans to sell 100 percent stake in its unit Selecture Inc, for 1,040 million yen, on Oct. 7.

Cookpad's 2nd major shareholder to lower stake to 2.4 pct

Cookpad Inc <2193.T> : Says its current second major shareholder plans to cut stake in co to 2.40 percent down from 14.73 percent, and will be the fourth major shareholder after the transaction .Says effective date on Aug. 30.

Cookpad to merge sub-subsidary Cooksnaps on Aug. 1

Cookpad Inc <2193.T>: Says it planned to merge a Kanagawa-based unit Cooksnaps, which is wholly owned by the company's US-based subsidiary Cookpad US, on Aug. 1 .Says the merged unit is engaged in development of internet service, and it will be dissolved after the merger.