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Kobe Bussan unit acquires stake in WIZ JOINT for S$98,182

Oct 25 (Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says its unit G.COM RESTAURANT SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. acquires 98,182 shares (45 percent stake)of WIZ JOINT PTE. LTD for S$98,182(about 8 million yen), on Oct. 25 .

Kobe Bussan unit to buy 92.5 pct voting power in Kabenoana

Aug 31(Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says its unit G.taste Co Ltd <<<2694.T>>> plans to acquire 92.5 percent voting power in Kabenoana Co Ltd .Price undisclosed.Transaction date on Sept. 14.

Kobe Bussan to dissolve two units

Aug 21 (Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says it will dissolve two units KOBE BUSSAN USA,INC and J.J.DINING,INC .

Kobe Bussan says merger between units

Aug 21 (Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says its unit Ostern Egg will merge with two Hyogo-based food units.Says unit Miyagiseifun Co.,Ltd. will merge with unit Hokuto foods .Says unit Mugipankoubou Co.,Ltd. will merge with Saitama-based food unit .Two Hyogo-based food units, Hokuto foods and Saitama-based food unit will be dissolved after merger .Effective March 1, 2019 .

Kobe Bussan to liquidate Osaka-based kitchen equipment unit

June 21 (Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says it will complete liquidation of Osaka-based kitchen equipment unit on June 30.

G.taste to own 100 pct stake in Hokkaido-based pizza company

June 12 (Reuters) - G.taste Co Ltd <2694.T> ::Says it plans to acquire 1,000 shares (100 percent stake) in a Hokkaido-based firm, which is mainly engaged in pizza making, sale and delivering business, at price of 10 million yen .Transaction date on June 13.

G.taste announces change of chairman and president

March 22(Reuters) - G.taste Co Ltd <2694.T>:Says it appoints current president Hideo Sugimoto as chairman of the board of the company.Says it appoints Takafumi Akutsu as new president of the company.Effective April 1.

Kobe Bussan unit sells unit G.FOOD for 500 mln yen

Jan 4 (Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says its unit, G.communication Co.,Ltd, sold 100 percent stake in unit G.FOOD Co.Ltd, to NOVA Holdings Co. Ltd, for 500 million yen in total, on Jan. 1, 2018 .

Second biggest shareholder decreases voting power in Kobe Bussan to 10 pct

Sept 21(Reuters) - Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>:Says an individual shareholder, who is the second biggest shareholder of the company decreased voting power in the company to 10 percent from 14.6 percent, effective Sept. 21.

Kobe Bussan announces merge between units

Kobe Bussan Co Ltd <3038.T>: Says its meat processing subsidiary will undertake the merger with Chiba-based kitchen goods unit .Says effective June 30.