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C'sMEN raises 599.4 mln yen through new share private placement

Aug 31(Reuters) - C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T>:Says it issued 882,800 new shares through private placement and raised 599.4 million yen in total, with payment date on Aug. 31.

C'sMEN to issue 882,800 new shares and says shareholding structure change

Aug 15(Reuters) - C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T>:Says it will issue 882,800 new shares through private placement, at the price of 679 yen per share, to raise 599.4 million yen in total, with payment date on Aug. 31.Says its third biggest shareholder NCXX Group Inc's <<<6634.T>>> voting power in the company will be diluted to 9.61 percent from 13.85 percent, effective Aug. 31.

C'sMEN says business and capital alliance with PEET

July 11(Reuters) - C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T>:Says plans a business and capital alliance with PEET co.,LTD..Says it will acquire 38,600 shares of PEET, at the price of 1,040 yen per share (40.1 million yen in total), with payment date on July 11.

C'sMEN says change of president and chairman

April 5 (Reuters) - C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T>:Says it names current president Masao Aoki as chairman and Hiroaki Mikawa as new president, effective April 5.

C'sMEN issues 1 mln new shares through private placement

March 12(Reuters) - C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T>:Says it issued 1 million new shares at the price of 475 yen per share and raised 486.9 million yen in total, through private placement, with payment date on March 12.

C'sMEN postpones treasury share disposal date to NCXX Group

C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T> : Says the company C'sMEN postpones payment date for treasury share disposal to NCXX Group <6634.T>, to May 1 from April 24 .Previous plan was disclosed on April 6.

NCXX Group updates on business and capital alliance with C'sMEN

NCXX Group Inc <6634.T> : Says it and C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T> signed agreement and formed business and capital alliance, to cooperate on redefining of business strategy and operational improvement . Says it will buy 185,400 shares (19 percent stake) of C'sMEN Co Ltd on April 24 and will become top shareholder of C'sMEN Co Ltd .Acquisition price at 493 yen per share , 91.4 million yen in total.

C’sMEN appoints Masao Aoki as new president

C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T> : Says it appoints Masao Aoki as new president to replce Masashi Kabashima .Change will occur on March 31.

C'sMEN announces result of early-retirement program

C'sMEN Co Ltd <3083.T>: Says 35 employees took up the offer of the early-retirement program announced on Jan. 11 . Effective date of retirement is March 14 . A premium will be added to the normal retirement allowance of eligible applicants .Says eligible applicants will also have the option to receive job-placement assistance.

C'sMEN to offer early-retirement program

C'sMEN <3083.T>: Says it will offer an early-retirement program with a subsidiary to employees, who are managers above 40 years old or regular employees above 35 years old . Says the offering period from Jan. 30 to Feb. 17 . The company expects 35 employees to take the offer . Says the employees who take up the offer will retire on March 14 .The company will provide retirement payment and outplacement support to the retiring employees.