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Ya-Man: To Buy Back Up To 580,000 Shares Before Market Open Friday, At Thursday's Close Of 1,775 Yen Each

Dec 13 (Reuters) - Japan's Ya-Man Ltd <6630.T>::TO BUY BACK UP TO 580,000 SHARES BEFORE MARKET OPEN FRIDAY, AT THURSDAY'S CLOSE OF 1,775 YEN EACH.

Ya-Man to acquire 100 pct stake in D-FIT and says private placement of treasury stock

Aug 16(Reuters) - Ya-Man Ltd <6630.T>:Says it plans to acquire 100 percent stake in Tokyo-based company D-FIT .Price undisclosed.Transaction date on Aug. 31.Says it will distribute 76,000 shares of its treasury common stock at 1,783 yen per share through private placement to shareholders of D-FIT, to raise 135.5 million yen in total, with placement date on Aug. 31.Proceeds to be used for a part of payment to buy D-FIT .

Ya-Man likely to report 10 percent operating profit rise for quarter - Nikkei

Sept 1 (Reuters) - Nikkei::Ya-Man Ltd is expected to report 10 percent rise in operating profit to more than 1.2 billion yen for may-july quarter - Nikkei.

Ya-Man Ltd likely to report around 1 bln yen in group operating profit for year ended in April - Nikkei

: Ya-Man is likely to report around 1 billion yen ($9.34 million) in group operating profit for the year ended in April - Nikkei . Ya-Man sales are seen surging 20 pct to more than 16 billion yen for the year ended in April - Nikkei . In the year ending April 2017, Ya-Man's sales of beauty appliances are expected to remain strong - Nikkei . In the year ending April 2017, Ya-Man Ltd will look to cultivate new sales routes such as beauty salons - Nikkei Source - ( Further company coverage: [6630.T] (Bengaluru Newsroom: +1 646 223 8780).

YA-MAN completes share repurchase

YA-MAN Ltd:Completed repurchase of 131,800 shares of its common stock, representing a 2.26 pct stake.Shares repurchased at the price of 292,596,000 yen in total, on March 30.Previous plan disclosed on March 29.

YA-MAN plans to repurchase shares

YA-MAN Ltd:To repurchase up to 132,000 shares of its common stock, representing 2.26 pct of outstanding on March 30.Share repurchase price is 2,220 yen per share, the closing price of March 29, or 293,040,000 yen in total.

YA-MAN raises consolidated mid-year outlook for FY 2016

YA-MAN Ltd:Says the company raised the consolidated mid-year outlook for the FY ending April 2016.Revenue forecast increased to 8,363 million yen from 6,869 million yen.Operating profit forecast increased to 618 million yen from 129 million yen.Ordinary profit forecast increased to 585 million yen from 119 million yen.Net profit forecast increased to 344 million yen from 73 million yen.Earnings per share increased to 59.11 yen from 12.59 yen.Comments that cost reduction is the main reason for the forecast.

YA-MAN to establish subsidiary

YA-MAN Ltd:To establish a wholly owned subsidiary based in U.S in February.New subsidiary to be engaged in sale of product of the company in U.S.

YA-MAN lowers full-year consolidated outlook for FY 2014

YA-MAN Ltd:Lowered full-year consolidated outlook for fiscal year ended April 30, 2014.Full-year revenue outlook of 14,360 mln yen lowered from 22,550 mln yen.Full-year operating profit outlook of 370 mln yen lowered from 900 mln yen.Full-year ordinary profit outlook of 375 mln yen lowered from 810 mln yen.Full-year net profit outlook of 225 mln yen lowered from 460 mln yen.Full-year earnings per share outlook of 38.56 yen lowered from 78.84 yen.Outlook lowered due to postponed transaction of wholesale business with major clients.

YA-MAN Ltd Lowers Consolidated Mid-year Outlook for FY 2014

YA-MAN Ltd announced that it has lowered the consolidated mid-year outlook for revenue from JPY 10,550 million to JPY 7,380 million, operating profit (loss) from JPY 120 million to JPY (245 million), ordinary profit (loss) from JPY 80 million to JPY (220 million), net profit (loss) from JPY 40 million to JPY (140 million) and earnings (loss) per share from JPY 6.86 to JPY (23.99) for the fiscal year ending March 2014. The negative outlook is mainly due to delay of trading with major clients.