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Nihon Kohden to retire treasury shares

May 10(Reuters) - Nihon Kohden Corp <6849.T>:Says it will retire 1 million shares (1.1 percent of outstanding) of its common stock on May 21.Says the total shares outstanding 88.7 million shares after the retirement.

Nihon Kohden to merge with 11 units

Nihon Kohden <6849.T>: Says it will merge with its 11 wholly owned subsidiaries on April 1 .Says the subsidiaries will dissolve after merger.

NIHON KOHDEN completes share repurchase

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:Completes repurchase of 2,000,000 shares of its common stock, at the price of 2,917 yen per share, for 5,834 million yen in total, on March 11.

NIHON KOHDEN to repurchase shares

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:Says it will repurchase up to 2,000,000 shares of its common stock, representing a 2.28 pct stake on March 11.Share repurchase price is 2,917 yen per share, the closing price of March 10, or up to 5,834 mln yen in total.

NIHON KOHDEN CORP Secures Neurodiagnostic Contract with Novation

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:Says it entered into a three-year, dual-source agreement to provide sleep assessment/neurodiagnostic services and equipment for Novation.

NIHON KOHDEN lowers consolidated mid-year outlook for FY 2016

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:Says the company lowered the consolidated mid-year outlook for revenue to 74,000 million yen from 78,500 million yen for the fiscal year ending March 2016.Sees a decrease of operating profit forecast to 3,500 million yen from 6,000 million yen.Sees a decrease of ordinary profit forecast to 4,000 million yen from 6,000 million yen.Sees a decrease of net profit forecast to 2,600 million yen from 4,100 million yen.Sees a decrease of earnings per share to 29.66 yen from 46.67 yen.Comments that decreased demand of hospital marketing is the main reason for the forecast.

NIHON KOHDEN to retire treasury shares

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:To retire 1,800,000 shares (1.97 pct stake) of its common stock on May 20.Says the total shares outstanding will be 89,730,980 shares after the retirement.

NIHON KOHDEN announces change of chairman, CEO and president

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:Appoints current president Fumio Suzuki as chairman and CEO.Appoints Hirokazu Ogimo as president.Effective June 25.

NIHON KOHDEN CORP to issue year-end dividend for FY 2014

NIHON KOHDEN CORP:To issue a year-end dividend of 40 yen per share to all the shareholders of record as of March 31, for the FY ended March 2014.Payment date June 27.Says the dividend amount is above the latest forecast of 30 yen per share disclosed on May 8, 2013.

SUMIDA CORP to set up sub-subsidiary to acquire business from NIHON KOHDEN CORP

SUMIDA CORP and NIHON KOHDEN CORP:SUMIDA CORP says it will set up a wholly owned sub-subsidiary in Nagano, Japan in March, to acquire transformer business from NIHON KOHDEN CORP and its subsidiary, on Mar. 31.The new sub-subsidiary of SUMIDA will start operation on Apr. 1, for development, manufacture and sale of medical and industrial high frequency transformers, electric reactors and inductors.The transaction price was not disclosed.