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Harmony Electronics says 2017 dividend record date is July 25

June 11 (Reuters) - Harmony Electronics Corp <8182.TWO> ::* Says it will pay cash dividend of T$107,041,215 in total for 2017.* Says ex-dividend date is July 19.* Last date before book closure is July 20 with book closure period from July 21 to July 25.* Record date is July 25.

Harmony Electronics unit to set up new electronic components unit in Dongguan

May 9(Reuters) - Harmony Electronics Corp <8182.TWO>:Says Shenzhen-based unit will set up a new electronic components unit in Dongguan.

Daishinku says change of corporate auditor

Daishinku Corp <6962.T>: Says it appoints SCS Global as corporate auditor to replace Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC .Says effective date planned on June 29.

DAISHINKU cancels mid-year dividend for FY 2016

DAISHINKU CORP:Resolved to cancel the mid-year dividend for the FY ending March 2016.Latest dividend forecast was an undermined value.

DAISHINKU signs partnership agreement

DAISHINKU CORP:Signed partnership agreement with U.S-based company SiTime Corporation, regarding sale of MEMS timing device.

DAISHINKU expects extraordinary loss and lowers full-year consolidated outlook for FY 2015; cancels year-end dividend payment for FY 2015

DAISHINKU CORP:Sees extraordinary loss of 3,892 mln yen as expense on business reorganization and 515 mln yen as loss on disposal of fixed assets, for fiscal year ended March 2015.Lowers full-year consolidated outlook for fiscal year ended March 31, 2015.Full-year revenue outlook of 31,000 mln yen lowered from 32,000 mln yen.Full-year operating profit outlook of a loss of 2,300 mln yen lowered from a loss of 1,000 mln yen.Full-year ordinary profit outlook of a loss of 1,200 mln yen lowered from a loss of 600 mln yen.Full-year net profit outlook of a loss of 6,350 mln yen lowered from a loss of 1,100 mln yen.Full-year earnings per share outlook of a loss of 155.52 yen lowered from a loss of 26.55 yen.Outlook lowered due to sluggish sales of products for China smartphone market, the extraordinary loss and adjustment of corporate tax.Cancels year-end dividend payment, which was disclosed as an undetermined value, for fiscal year 2015.

DAISHINKU CORP completes share repurchase

DAISHINKU CORP:Completes repurchase of 1,000,000 shares of its common stock.Shares repurchased at 371,471,000 yen in total.Share repurchase plan disclosed on Aug. 8.

DAISHINKU CORP lowers consolidated full-year outlook and to issue mid-year dividend and revises year-end dividend forecast for FY 2015

DAISHINKU CORP:Says the company lowered the consolidated full-year outlook for revenue to 32,000 million yen from 36,700 million yen for the fiscal year ending March 31. 2015.Sees a decrease of operating profit forecast to a loss of 1,000 million yen from 1,100 million yen.Sees a decrease of ordinary profit forecast to a loss of 600 million yen from 960 million yen.Sees a decrease of net profit forecast to a loss of 1,100 million yen from 520 million yen.Sees a decrease of earnings per share to a loss of 26.55 yen from 12.55 yen.FY 2015 revenues of 35.33 billion yen, net profit of 0.63 billion yen – Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Comments that the decreased sales of digital camera and telecommunication equipment is the main reason for the forecast.To issue a mid-year dividend of 2.00 yen per share to all the shareholders of record as of Sep. 30, for the fiscal year ending March 31. 2015.Payment date Dec. 9.Says the dividend amount is below the latest forecast disclosed on May 14.Sees year-end dividend of an undetermined value lowered from 3.00 yen per share, for the fiscal year ending March 31. 2015.

DAISHINKU CORP updates share repurchase status

DAISHINKU CORP:Repurchased 310,000 shares for 120,203,000 yen in total from Sep. 1 to Sep. 30.Says this was part of the share repurchase plan announced on Aug. 8.Says accumulatively repurchased 792,000 shares for 306,948,000 yen in total as of Sep. 30.

DAISHINKU CORP to repurchase shares

DAISHINKU CORP:To repurchase up to 1,000,000 shares, representing a 2.4 pct stake.Says share repurchase up to 400,000,000 yen in total.Says repurchase period from Aug. 11 to March 31, 2015.