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Starzen to merge with two wholly owned unit

Nov 6 (Reuters) - Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T>:Says it will merge with two wholly owned unit Starzen International Co., Ltd. and Starzen Foods Co., Ltd., effective April 1, 2019 .Says two units will be dissolved after merger .

Starzen says business and capital alliance with Ishikawa-based firm

April 11 (Reuters) - Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T>:Says co signs business and capital alliance agreement with Ishikawa-based firm, which is mainly engaged in wholesale and processing of meat.Says two entities will cooperate on meat related business.Says co will hold 20 percent stake in the Ishikawa-based firm.

Starzen names chairman

Feb 2 (Reuters) - Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T>:Says it names current president Tsuyoshi Nakatsuhama as chairman and president, effective April 1.

Starzen says retirement of chairman

Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T> : Says Seiichi Uzurahashi, chairman of the board of the company, will retire from chairman .Says the change will be decided formally in meeting of shareholders on June 29.

Starzen to split food manufacturing business to unit

Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T> : Says it plans to transfer food manufacturing business to the unit which will be established on Feb. 1 in Tokyo .Says business transfer will be effective on April 1.

Starzen says business alliance with TEISHIN CHIKUSAN

Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T>: says it formed a business alliance with Japan-based firm TEISHIN CHIKUSAN on Sep. 8 .Says two entities will cooperate on meat processing, expand sale of meat gift, export expansion of Kobe beef.

Starzen to buy NickFoods

Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T>:Says it plans to buy Tokyo-based firm NickFoods Co.,Ltd on Sep. 30.

Starzen signs business and capital alliance with Mitsui Co Ltd

Starzen Co Ltd <8043.T> : Says it has formed a business and capital alliance with Mitsui Co Ltd <8031.T> . Says through the business alliance, the two companies will work together on the overseas business expansion and development . Says through the capital alliance, Starzen will sell 1,333,300 shares to Mitsui, at the price of 3,191 yen per share, or 4,254,560,300 yen in all, through private placement . Says Mitsui will become the top share holder of Starzen, with 15,549 voting rights (16.69 percent), up from 2,216 voting rights (2.78 percent) .Effective date May 31.

Starzen unit establishes jv in Japan

Starzen Co Ltd:Says unit established a jv in Japan with two individuals on April 14, for Japanese black cattle breeding production business.Says the jv capitalized at 6 mln yen and the unit holds 44 pct stake in it.

Starzen to fully acquire subsidiary and to merge with subsidiary

Starzen Co Ltd:To fully aquire its 80 pct owned Tokyo-based subsidiary engaged in food inspection business, at price of 10 mln yen, on Nov. 26, and to raise stake in the subsidiary to 100 pct from 80 pct after the transaction.To merge with the subsidiary after completing the full acquisition, on Feb. 1.And the subsidiary to be dissolved after the transaction.