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Rise corrects annual reports for FY 2012 to FY 2016

May 26(Reuters) - Rise Inc <8836.T>:Says it submits corrected annual reports for FY ended March 31, 2012 to FY ended March 31, 2016.Says it submits corrected quarterly reports for Q1 of FY 2015 to Q3 of FY 2017.

Rise appoints new auditing firm

May 12 (Reuters) - Rise Inc <8836.T>: :* Says it has appointed Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, as the new auditing firm, to replace ASKA&CO. .* Effective date June 23 .

Rise names new president

May 12 (Reuters) - Rise Inc <8836.T>: :* Says it has named Naoki Shibatsuji as the new President of the company, to replace Tatsuya Yamaguchi .* Effective June 23.

Rise to sell properties

April 27(Reuters) - Rise Inc <8836.T>:Says it will sell real estate located in Tokyo, for 1.20 billion yen.Says transaction date June 7.

RISE announces change of president

RISE Inc <8836.T> :Says it appoints Tatsuya Yamaguchi as new president to replace Masakazu Jitsuhara, effective on Feb. 28.

Rise announces president change

Rise Inc <8836.T> :Appoints Masakazu Jitsuhara as new president of the company to replace Kiyoyuki Kawabata, which will be officially decided on June 24.

RISE raises consolidated full-year outlook for FY 2016

RISE Inc:Says the company increased the consolidated full-year outlook for revenue to 441 mln yen from 404 mln yen, for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016.Operating profit forecast increased to 116 mln yen from 40 mln yen.Ordinary profit forecast increased to 115 mln yen from 41 mln yen.Net profit forecast increased to 113 mln yen from 37 mln yen.Earnings per share increased to a loss of 0.76 yen from a loss of 9.04 yen.Comments the cost reduction as the main reason for the forecast.

RISE announces shareholding structure change

RISE Inc:Says a Tokyo-based limited company to raise voting power in the co to 47.45 pct from 0 pct due to the conversion of class A shares.Change will occur on March 2.

RISE completes acquisition of property for sale

RISE Inc:Completes acquisition of property located in Tokyo for sale on Jan. 28, for an undisclosed price.

RISE cancels business alliance with D.B.ZWIRN&Co., L.P.

RISE Inc:Canceled business alliance with D.B.ZWIRN&Co., L.P. on June 5.The business alliance was formed on March 23, 2007.