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Relo Group lowers conversion price for 2021 due euro-yen denominated convertible bonds to 3,315.9 yen per share

May 24 (Reuters) - Relo Group Inc <8876.T>:Says it lowered conversion price for 2021 due euro-yen denominated convertible bonds to 3,315.9 yen per share from 3,317.0 yen per share, effective April 1 .

Relo Group to issue 2021 due euro-yen denominated convertible bonds with subscription warrants

Feb 28(Reuters) - Relo Group Inc <8876.T>:Says it will issue 2021 due euro-yen denominated convertible bonds with subscription warrants, worth 25 billion yen, with coupon rate of 0 percent .Says payment date on March 20 .Says warrants with the convertibles can be exercised during the period from Oct. 1, 2019 to March 8, 2021.Bonds maturity date on March 22, 2021 .Proceeds to be mainly used for investment fund, loan repayment, shares buy back fund and operation fund .

Relo Group to buy 92.99 pct stake in US-based firm AIRINC for 2.13 bln yen

Relo Group Inc <8876.T> : Says it plans to buy a 92.99 percent stake of shares in a U.S.-based firm, named as Associates for International Research Inc (AIRINC), for about 2.13 billion yen, on Sept. 30 . Says AIRINC's four wholly owned subsidiaries will also be the units of co's after the transaction .Co will raise stake in AIRINC to 92.99 percent from 0 percent.

Relo Holdings to change company name to Relo Group, Inc

Relo Holdings Inc <8876.T> : Says it will change the company name into Relo Group, Inc .Says effective date July 1.

Relo Holdings completes share repurchase

Relo Holdings Inc:Completed repurchase of 412,000 shares of its common stock, representing a 2.69 pct stake.Shares repurchased at 3,762,796,000 yen in total.Share repurchase period from May 18 to June 12.

Relo Holdings to issue year-end dividend for FY 2015

Relo Holdings Inc:To issue a year-end dividend of 124 yen per share to all the shareholders for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015.Payment date June 25.Says the dividend amount is above the latest forecast disclosed on March 12.

Relo Holdings to repurchase shares

Relo Holdings Inc:To repurchase up to 450,100 shares of its common stock, representing a 2.94 pct stake from May 18 to July 31.Share repurchase price up to 4,110,763,300 yen in all.

Relo Holdings raises consolidated full-year outlook and year-end dividend forecast for FY 2015

Relo Holdings Inc:Says the company raised the consolidated full-year outlook for the FY ending March 2015.Revenue forecast increased to 155,000 million yen from 152,000 million yen.Operating profit forecast increased to 8,700 million yen from 8,450 million yen.Ordinary profit forecast increased to 9,700 million yen from 9,300 million yen.Net profit forecast increased to 6,000 million yen from 5,800 million yen.Earnings per share forecast increased to 408.15 yen from 395.00 yen.FY 2015 revenues of 159.50 billion yen, net income of 6.16 billion yen – Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Comments that business performance and gain on exchange rate changes are the main reasons for the forecast.Raised year-end dividend forecast to 123 yen per share from 120 yen per share for FY ending March 2015.

Relo Holdings raises full-year consolidated outlook and year-end dividend forecast for FY 2015

Relo Holdings Inc:Raised full-year consolidated outlook for fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.Full-year revenue outlook of 152,000 mln yen raised from 142,000 mln yen.Full-year operating profit outlook of 8,450 mln yen raised from 8,250 mln yen.Full-year ordinary profit outlook of 9,300 mln yen raised from 9,100 mln yen.Full-year net profit outlook of 5,800 mln yen raised from 5,650 mln yen.Full-year earnings per share outlook of 395.00 yen raised from 384.54 yen.Outlook raised due to smooth outsourcing business and increased housing stock in leasing related businesses.FY 2015 revenue of 145,300 mln yen and net income of 5,830 mln yen - Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Sees year-end dividend of 120 yen per share raised from 115 yen per share, for fiscal year 2015.

Relo Holdings to acquire shares in Panasonic Excel International from Panasonic Corp

Relo Holdings Inc:To acquire 1,199 shares (66.6 pct voting power) in Panasonic Excel International Co., Ltd. from Panasonic Corp, at about 2,317 mln yen on last day of December.To hold 1,199 shares in Panasonic Excel International after transaction.