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Sumitomo Warehouse Co To Buy Back Up To 2.34% Of Shares Worth 4 Billion Yen Through Feb 28, 2020

Aug 7 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>::TO BUY BACK UP TO 2.34% OF SHARES WORTH 4 BILLION YEN THROUGH FEB 28, 2020.

Sumitomo Warehouse Completes Buyback Of 1.8 Million Shares, For 2.5 Billion Yen

Jan 11 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>::COMPLETED BUYBACK OF 1.8 MILLION SHARES, FOR 2.5 BILLION YEN.TO CANCEL 1.8 MILLION SHARES MARCH 29.

Sumitomo Warehouse to repurchase up to 2.1 pct shares

Oct 26 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:Says it will repurchase up to 1.8 million shares, representing 2.1 percent of outstanding, for up to 3 billion yen in total, during the period from Nov. 7, 2018 to Feb. 28, 2019 .Says it will retire shares to be repurchased, effective March 29, 2019 .

Sumitomo Warehouse says demise of chairman

May 7 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:Says Shoichi Abe, chairman of the board of the company, passed away on May 4 .

Sumitomo Warehouse to issue unsecured corporate bonds worth 15 bln yen

March 16 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:Says it will issue 5th series and 6th series unsecured corporate bonds worth 15 billion yen in total, with coupon rate of 0.21 percent and 0.838 percent respectively .Maturity date on March 26, 2025 and March 26, 2038 respectively .Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd. and SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. will serve as underwriters.The bonds will be used to repay loans and bonds, replenish equipment investment capital .

Sumitomo Warehouse plans more SE Asian logistics centers- Nikkei‍​

Nov 2 (Reuters) - Nikkei‍​::Sumitomo Warehouse to spend about 4 billion yen to build two storage facilities in Thailand & one in Singapore‍​.Sumitomo Warehouse seeks to boost overseas operating profit 30% in the three years through fiscal 2019 .

Sumitomo Warehouse to retire 4.4 mln treasury shares

Sept 28 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:Says it plans to retire 4.4 million shares (2.4 percent of outstanding) of its common stock, on Sept. 29.Says the total shares outstanding 176.4 million shares after the retirement.

Sumitomo Warehouse buys back 4.4 mln shares for 3.16 bln yen

Sept 1 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:Says it repurchased 4.4 million shares of its common stock for 3.16 billion yen in total (725 yen per share), on Sept. 1.

Sumitomo Warehouse to repurchase shares

Aug 31(Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:Says it will repurchase up to 5 million shares of its common stock, representing 2.8 percent of outstanding on Sept. 1 .Share repurchase price is 725 yen per share, the closing price of Aug. 31, or up to 4 billion yen in total.

Sumitomo Warehouse acquires WAKASU

July 31 (Reuters) - Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd <9303.T>:* Says it acquired all shares of WAKASU, with undisclosed price, on July 31 .