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Forval Telecom to merge with communication equipment development unit WBI

July 18 (Reuters) - Forval Telecom Inc <9445.T> ::Says it plans to merge with its wholly owned Tokyo-based subsidiary White Business Initiative Co, on Sept. 30.The unit WBI will be dissolved after transaction .

Forval Telecom fully acquires 25 pct-owned firm White Business Initiative for 36.1 mln yen

March 30(Reuters) - Forval Telecom Inc <9445.T>:Says it fully acquires a 25 percent-owned firm White Business Initiative Co for 36.1 million yen, on March 30 .

FORVAL TELECOM to issue year-end dividend for FY 2015

FORVAL TELECOM INC:To issue a year-end dividend of 8.00 yen per share to all the shareholders for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015.Payment date June 19.Says the dividend amount is in line with the latest forecast disclosed on May 13, 2014.

FORVAL TELECOM INC to sell properties and expects extraordinary loss for Q2 of FY 2015

FORVAL TELECOM INC:To sell properties including a plot of land (at price of 183 mln yen) and a building (at price of 66 mln yen) that located in Tokyo, as well as a plot of land (at price of 97 mln yen) and a building (at price of 2 mln yen) that located in Saitama, to a Tokyo-based company.Transaction planned effective on Sep. 26.Expects extraordinary loss of 164 mln yen for Q2 of FY ending March 2015 due to this selling.

FORVAL TELECOM INC announces listing on TSE second section

FORVAL TELECOM INC:Starts listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE) second section since Aug. 1.

FORVAL TELECOM to pay year-end dividend for FY 2014

FORVAL TELECOM INC:To pay year-end dividend of 8 yen per share, in line with latest dividend forecast, for fiscal year 2014.Record date March 31 and effective date June 20.

FORVAL TELECOM INC Announces Stock Split and Partial Change to Article of Incorporation; Reaffirms Mid-term Dividend Forecast and Amends Year-end Dividend Forecast for FY 2014

FORVAL TELECOM INC announced that it has decided to split one share of its stock into 100 shares, effective October 1, 2013. After the stock split, the total share outstanding will become 16,693,200. The Company has received approval from the shareholders meeting to make partial change to its article of incorporation. Based on change to article six, the Company will increase total number of authorized shares from 660,000 shares to 66,000,000 shares. The Company has reaffirmed its mid-term dividend forecast of JPY 700.00 per share and amended its year-end dividend forecast from JPY 800.00 per share to JPY 8.00 per share, for the fiscal year ending March 2014.

FORVAL TELECOM INC Announces Year-end Dividend Payment for 2013

FORVAL TELECOM INC announced that it has decided to pay a year-end dividend of JPY 800.00 per share, in line with the last forecast, to all shareholders of record as of March 31, 2013, for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013. The payment will be conducted on June 21, 2013.

FORVAL TELECOM INC to Merge with Subsidiary

FORVAL TELECOM INC announced that it has decided to merge with a wholly owned subsidiary, which is engaged in real estate management business, effective December 1, 2012. After this, the Company will be the surviving company and the subsidiary will be dissolved.

FORVAL TELECOM INC. to Acquire Japan-based Company from Subsidiary

FORVAL TELECOM INC. announced that it has decided to acquire all the stake in a Japan-based company, engaged in the processing and sales of vinyl cloth, from a 97.5%-owned subsidiary, TRY-X Corporation, effective March 31, 2012.